Value of work:
Phase1 - £2,000,000. Other Phases - £10,500,000.
Phase 1 - Complete
Type of contract:
JCT Design and Build
Architecture. Employer’s Agent.


Redevelopment of an urban block, comprising elements of refurbishment and major new-build, to form a thriving mixed-use church, community, nursery, housing complex.


ASSESS: This is an archetypal example of plugging into the clients main vision.
In order to do that several levels of research were carried out – not only into building condition, viability, historic association, but also community analysis and consultation.
These assessments were carried out collaboratively, lead by the client on the ground, but involving a wide range of experts.

BUILD: The first Phase was part-funded by a grant with strict time limits. Careful decisions were made to set the method of procurement.
The new-build used an ultra-fast, two-stage Design and Build process.

The refurbishment of the existing nursery had to be carried out in a summer holiday, and was separate ‘cost plus’ format.

Making the right choices, and following through prudently, meant that the first phases were completed on time and in line with the funding criteria.

KHD 3 from Chris on Vimeo.