Within this website KILO uses a number of key words, which are repeated in different sections, for example: ‘vision’, ‘innovation’, etc. KILO have followed their own recommendation, and have produced their own innovations, and bespoke new documents.

KILO VFP: the Vision for Premises document summarises the process. It records the results of the two forms of analysis employed and tabulates the results in a matrix called ‘The Characteristics of the Ideal Premises’. It is only at that stage that a clear picture begins to emerge as to whether the actual matches the ideal. At the end of the document is a section which outlines a number of suggestions for future action.
KILO VFP is a totally new methodology, resulting in a fully auditable route to decision-making, recorded in a clear, ordered document.

KILO ERS: these entirely new Employers Requirements are the basis for much of what now happens under the Management heading. The ERs are a sequential series of Sections (ER 1-6) which combine to form a finished document for use in a contract or legal agreement.

Significantly ER1: ‘The Bidder’s Prospectus’ – can be used on its own at the early stages, to invite and assess bids in a manner capable of true comparison.

ER2: ‘Particular Requirements’ – has within it an Elemental Analysis in a standard format that both quantity surveyors and contractors find useful.
KILO ERs are a completely new, and easy to navigate, method of structuring the written record of what a client desires to achieve.

KILO PPA: This People and Places Audits is an entirely new document to represent additions to the type of analysis which occurs in a widespread way in other standard formats.

So it covers the ‘standard’ issues of public realm, distinctive architectural character, developing destinations, creating vibrancy, etc. But then it also covers more elements of human interaction and the arts – within the concept of ‘creative community living’.

In a sense this is all connected to the idea that existing notions of ‘sustainability’ may need to be expanded to include increasingly moral, social and political aspects.

KILO PAPERS: We are increasingly active in putting together discussion documents to stimulate debate. An example would be ‘Development and Social Purpose’ – which includes the key concept of ‘not letting the money leak away’.